About Us

Ren Ai Group is a Singapore leading Recruitment & HR Consultancy firm with offices across Asia Pacific.
We provide a platform that connects you to opportunities and career possibilities.

Being A Trusted Partner

At Ren Ai Group, we are committed to become a trusted partner to our clients. When it comes to finding careers success, we firmly believe there is no one-size-fits-all approach. That’s why we take a consultative & meticulous approach that connects our clients and candidates with the right opportunities and career possibilities.

Being a trusted partner is our top priority and responsibility.

Our Services

Executive Staffing

Ren Ai Group employs a rigorous screening process to shortlist best-fit candidates for you, whether you are hiring a Permanent, Temporary or Contract Staff

Headcount Hosting

This service allows you to place a candidate sourced through your own means under our payroll.

Payroll Outsourcing

Engage our Payroll Outsourcing service to be relieved of the payroll function within your organization, allowing you to be at peace of mind and to focus more on productive and strategic work

Employment Contract

Our HR specialist will administer and prepare the signing of the agreement with your outsourced Temp or Contract Employees parking with us, aligned with your current employment practices & preferred contractual benefits. Ren Ai Group also helps expats to attain work visas in Singapore. Our expertise regarding employment work visas will help you to apply and get your work visa as soon as possible.

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