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Guide to applying for a work visa in Singapore

Singapore is one of the fastest-growing economies in Asia. The country has a stable economy, which attracts businesses, entrepreneurs, and professionals. It is full of opportunities for skilled people. Many people love to work in Singapore, but they need a visa to stay in the country. A work visa is a kind of temporary visa that the government provides to people who want to get training for a short period of time. The permit allows people to strengthen their skills and get training from well-known companies that will add great experience in their professional careers.

Employers and employees need to know about the work visa. Both should understand all the rules and regulations of the work permit Singapore application. Today, we will explain everything in detail, and we will guide you on how to apply for a work permit in Singapore.

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What are Key facts about work visa in Singapore?

Before we dive into the details, let’s take a look at the facts to get a better idea.

  • Only employers can apply for a work permit.
  • The duration of the work visa is only six months. It cannot be renewed.
  • Foreign students can only apply once. If they get selected and fail to join the training, they will not get another chance.
  • There are no passes for the family; only the person who is eligible for the training can live in the country.
  • The employer is responsible for the completion of the whole training. If the selected person leaves the work in the middle, then the company can get blacklisted.
  • The medical insurance of the person is the responsibility of the employer. The employer must buy a medical insurance coverage of at least $15,000 per year.

How Eligibility criteria and duration can affect the application for a work visa in Singapore?

Keep in mind that only the employer can apply for a work visa in Singapore. Semi-skilled and unskilled employees are eligible for the permit. The employer needs to apply on their behalf. Foreign students that are studying in the institutions of the country are allowed to take training on the permit.

The issuance of the work permit is the work of the Ministry of Manpower (MOM). You need to prove your skills and the education relevant to the training. Not every application gets accepted; MOM chooses the candidates on criteria. The ministry checks the education, company’s reputation, age, skills, and other factors to select the candidate. The government controls the number of work permits, and it only selects the right people for the right task.

The duration of the work perm is only six months. So, you need to make sure that you can live without your family and loved ones. You cannot come back, and you cannot extend the duration. Make sure that you are ready to go before applying.

How Levy and quota affect your application for work visa in Singapore?

The company that is bringing the employees from overseas for training and hiring students on their work visa must pay a monthly levy to the work permit holders. The levy is paid according to the foreign worker levy. It depends on qualification and the number of work permit holders hired. There are different levy requirements for each sector. The company needs to pay the levy from the start of the permit until its end or cancellation.

The worker’s levy depends on the qualification. If the worker has relevant academic and qualifications/certificates, then he will be considered as a higher-skilled worker. Such a worker is qualified for a higher-skilled worker levy.

Moreover, there is a quota for every sector. For instance, the quota for the manufacturing and services sectors is different. The company cannot have too many workers because there is a limit. It needs to hire people according to the quota.

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Documents required for a work visa in Singapore

Some documents are necessary for the work permit Singapore application. You must submit every piece of document to ensure the quick issuance of the permit. Students need to provide the following documents:

  • A copy of passport
  • A copy of student pass
  • Employers letter (The purpose, duration, and training plan should be stated in the letter)
  • A letter from the school (The letter should contain the field of study, graduation registration, course duration, and completion date, proof that the training is required for the course, and the training period)

For Trainees Working in Other Companies, the following documents are required:

  • Copy of passport
  • Letter from the local employer (The letter should state the relation of the two companies, training purpose and duration, and detailed training plan. It must contain documents to prove the relation of the companies and employment contract.)

Process of work visa

There are a few processes involved in the whole process of the work visa. Let’s look at the process.

1) Application

Only employers can apply for a work visa in Singapore. An online application form is submitted. The employer needs to pay $35 for each pass at the time of applying. The application requires one working day for interim approval. The status of the application can be checked online, if it is “Pending Documents,” there is nothing to worry about.

The interim approval letter can be printed. After printing the letter, the employer needs to provide the documents within ten days. The final outcome of the application is provided after three weeks of the submission of all the required documents. The result of this process is an interim approval letter or rejection letter. If the application has been approved, the IPA letter can be printed.

2) Preparation of Workers Arrival

It’s the responsibility of the employer to complete the preparation of the worker’s arrival. A security bond is necessary that the employer needs to buy. A $5,000 security bond is bought for each non-Malaysian work permit holder. The bond is a pledge to pay the government on the violation of rules by the employer or the work permit holder.

Moreover, the employer needs to register the address of the place where the worker is living and working.

3) Issuance of the Permit

The permit is issued within two days of arrival. The employer needs to request for the permit to be issued. It is necessary to upload copies of some documents at this step. The employer also pays a $35 fee from the issuance of each work permit. The notification letter can be printed after the issuance.

4) Registration of Fingerprints and Photo

The notification letter confirms whether the workers need to report at MOM- Services Center to register photos and fingerprints or not. If the worker needs to report, it’s necessary to register within one week of the issuance of the work permit. The employer needs to make an appointment for the worker, and the worker needs to bring some documents.

5) Receiving of Card

The final step is the receiving of the card. The card is delivered within four working days of registration at the given address.

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Final words

A work permit Singapore pass is necessary for a short period of training in Singapore. The employer needs to apply for the permit and complete the necessary requirements. The duration of the permit is only six months, and the worker is paid a levy according to the skills and qualification.

It is not certain that each application will be accepted. MOM chooses the workers that are ideal for the work. Employers and employees have to follow the rules and regulations; otherwise, the company can face a penalty or can be blacklisted. If you require any assistance applying for an employment visa or work permit in Singapore, contact us today for more information.