HR Shared Services Singapore

The Objective of HR Shared Services or Human Resource Shared Services Singapore (HRSS)

HR shared services or also known as the Human Resource Shared Services (HRSS) is one of the most sought-after services by many enterprises of various sizes in Singapore. The primary objective of engaging a professional HR shared services provider like Ren Ai Group is to ensure the improvement and optimization of operational efficiency in Human Resource processes for every company.
When it comes to HRSS, we are focusing on the HR operation outsourcing, HR advisory services and HR Information System. To make things simple to understand, below we have listed down the most essential services covered by HR operation outsourcing, HR advisory services and HR information system.

Singapore Employment Pass

We assist you on to attain the Singapore employment pass scheme. This includes the process to track on status of your employment pass, apply for your Singapore employment pass, as well as renewing employment passes for your employees. For most foreigners, who want to set up a company in Singapore and work and live in Singapore for more than 6 months, Singapore Employment pass application service is the preferred choice.

HR Operation Outsourcing

Focusing on providing basic HR processes required by a company such as HR administrative support and recruitment administration. For daily HR operations, we also offer employee performance evaluation, employee relations and practices, recruitment and training development.

HR Advisory Services

We provide assistance and guidance on matters about Employment Act and Regulations and Employee communications guidance.

HR Information System

We manage payroll and claims processing of our client companies. Besides, we are also responsible for performing employee data updates, leave management, attendance management and benefits management.

Benefits of HR Shared Services (HRSS) in Singapore

  • All HR and analytics data are now consistent and centralized in one location. Once all vital information is saved in one place within the HR Delivery platform, there will be no discrepancies in data when information is updated.
  • By using automated HR processes in one platform as described above, this helps to upgrade the HR capabilities, processes and systems of various enterprises of different sizes.
  • Long term savings in terms of cost and resources for Human Resource operations.
  • Help companies to improve by becoming more productive since companies can now focus on primary business functions to generate more revenue, and able to perform talent management and succession planning for the company. This is because operational human resource activities such as payroll processing and management plus employee data administration are now being taken care of by a professional outsourcing company such as Ren Ai Group.

Other human resource shared services company or hrss company have extra charges if your company employee size exceeds their maximum limit or threshold. In our case, Ren Ai Group will not charge you the additional fees due to the big employment size of your company. Also, there is no minimum employment size for you to tap on our HR shared services. Instead, we encourage you to approach one of our expert consultants to discuss and evaluate your current outsourcing requirements. By using this approach, this will help you greatly since our team can offer you the appropriate advice you're looking for.
By engaging us as your HR shared service provider, we can guarantee 100% secured confidentiality of your company employee’s data. If you have any concerns pertaining to confidentiality issue, you are advised to initiate a confidentiality agreement with us first.
Finally, we consider ourselves as one of the top HR shared service providers in Singapore, with a proven track record in HR outsourcing and advisory services. By engaging Ren Ai Group as your business solution provider, we trust you to regard us one of your valuable business partners for now and in the future. Ren Ai Group has also partnered with many local businesses including Digital Solutions to help provide digital marketing services to our clients. Digital Solutions is a digital marketing agency in Singapore that is experienced with SEO and SEM.

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