What is Talent Acquisition in Singapore?

What is a talent acquisition firm in Singapore, and should I use one?

What should you do when you have a specific talent or skill set, and want to have the best job that fits your niche? Most people spend weeks or even months just looking for their best possible option. Rather than sift through all the options manually by yourself, is there a much more effective way? A talent acquisition firm in Singapore is just what you need to help you discover that perfect job that you covet.

What if you are an entrepreneur, looking to start your own company? As a busy entrepreneur, it is too time-consuming to go through hundreds of resumes, when you could be spending that time on improving your business instead. In that case, you will want to consider speaking to a talent acquisition firm in Singapore to help you pick the best employees for your company. 

You may already have a rough idea, but this is what exactly a Talent Acquisition Firm in Singapore does: A service provider that will act as an intermediary between employees and the company. When the talent acquisition firm receives a request for staff from a company, they will turn to a pool of candidates to filter and choose the best fits for that company. There are many talent acquisition firms in Singapore, and some of them even specialize in hiring for specific industries, hence they can provide lots of vital information on Singapore’s job market.


How does a talent acquisition firm in Singapore work?

If you are seeking for employees, first you will get in touch with a talent acquisition firm in Singapore and list all the requirements that you need in a candidate. This includes the offered pay, skill set you need, benefits that are provided, timetabling, etc. The talent acquisition firm will then check through their list of job seekers to shortlist those who suit some or all the requirements. 

After that, the recruitment agency in Singapore will be the point of contact for your company; reaching out to candidates to schedule interviews or appointments. If everything goes smoothly and your company chooses to hire their candidates, you will need to pay the talent acquisition firm in Singapore a stipulated fee.

If you are a job seeker, all you need to do is submit your resume to the recruitment agency in Singapore and wait for them to contact you. The Singapore job agency will then do all the work for you, shifting through companies’ requests and offering you roles that fit your resume. Sometimes they may even offer you roles that are not listed on the job market!


Benefits of employing a talent acquisition firm Singapore

There are many benefits that come with engaging recruitment agencies in Singapore, and here is a list of reasons:

Removing unqualified candidates

Recruitment agencies in Singapore understand what kind of employees you want in your company. Their database of job seekers is huge and have a large diversity of people with different skill sets, hence they will be able to filter all the unsuitable candidates out for you and only send you those who strictly meet your requirements. You will avoid the hassle of sorting through all job seekers by yourself, some which are completely incompatible for your offered role.

Matching competent candidates to the relevant job openings

The talent acquisition firm in Singapore will be able to provide you with the best possible candidates in their database. They will only choose those who are interested in your offered position, and are able to fulfill your prerequisites as well, making it beneficial for both your company and the job-seeking due to matching of interests. 

Even if the skill set or education you are looking for is niche and difficult to find, you are more likely to find the appropriate candidate through a Singapore job agency, rather than on your own. Since recruitment agencies in Singapore have access to a huge database of candidates, there is a higher likelihood that you will get a candidate which fulfills or is even overqualified for your job requirements.

Get job offers that suits your interests or skill set

As a job seeker, the talent acquisition Firm in Singapore that you have submitted your resume to will add your resume into the candidate pool. In the process, they will only contact you for positions you are interested in or are qualified for. This ensures that you do not have to flip through hundreds of job openings that do not suit your interests or skill set. You may even get a faster offer from the recruitment agency in Singapore for a role because of the high number of job openings they have on hand.


What if there are no suitable candidates?

If for some unexpected reason, the recruitment agencies in Singapore are unable to find job seekers who are able to fulfill your requirements, they will turn to a headhunter in Singapore instead to find your candidate. If the role you are hiring for is highly specialized and requires an advanced skill set, the talent acquisition firm in Singapore will need to deploy a much more stringent search procedure. Headhunters are specialized talent acquisition consultants who have more connections in a specific industry, hence they will be able to reach out and find specific individuals with the skills you need.

Headhunters in Singapore are experts familiar with the process of executive search in Singapore, hence they will be able to place candidates with a niche skillset into industries that have a high demand for their skills. If you are a high-ranking employee looking to broaden your horizons, you can skip the whole process of looking online, and directly contact a headhunter in Singapore to assist you. Through an executive search in Singapore, the client company will be able to find talented candidates that are best suited for them. As many big companies are constantly looking out for talented employees to join them, executive search in Singapore is an ongoing procedure to ensure that the client company would be able to find the qualified candidates they require.


In summary

Finding the best employees for your company is no easy feat. There are thousands of people out there in the job market who may be qualified for the job opening in your company, and it is physically impossible for you to go through and assess each and every candidate. This is where talent acquisition firms in Singapore step in and take the weight off your hands – they are highly professional and experienced in recruiting the best people for your team. You will be able to stay focused on developing your business, and wait for the talent acquisition firm to bring the best people to you.

Similarly, if you are a job seeker, talent acquisition firms in Singapore are able to bring you a few steps closer to that job you want. In these trying times, jobs are scarce and you need every bit of help you can get. Luckily, there are many recruitment agencies in Singapore that can make job searching a smoother experience for you. It is important to find a talent acquisition firm best suited for your requirements. Therefore, you will can find that dream job that you always wanted. Do contact us today if you are an employer, a job seeker or someone looking to attain a Ren Ai Group also helps expats to attain a work visa and personalised employment pass Singapore to see how we can help you!