Talent Acquisition Firm in Singapore

What is a Talent Acquisition Firm?

Talent acquisition is the process and act of finding and looking for highly skilled workers and high level executives for large multinational corporations. Highly skilled workers include software engineers, web designers, lawyers and other specialised professionals. High level executives include the CEO (Chief Executive Officer), CFO (Chief Finance Officer) etc.

Unlike “regular” recruitment and a “regular” job agency in Singapore, talent acquisition focuses on the connection between the headhunter and top firms in an industry. For example, a artificial intelligence software engineer in the technology industry would not look for a recruitment agency. Instead, he would look for a talent acquisition firm in Singapore with connections to Facebook, Linkedin, Google and other technology giants.

Most importantly, headhunters in a talent acquisition firm understand the industry incredibly well. Headhunters in a headhunting firm in Singapore usually specialises in one or two industry and understands the industry resume standards (e.g. only one page, what it should and should not include), keywords often used, important definitions and more.

Therefore, it is critical to understand the differentiation between “regular” job agency and talent acquisition firm, as well as which category you fit in.


Guide to Finding a Trusted Talent Acquisition Firm in Singapore

Job hunting used to be about checking the classified and job section of the newspaper and handwriting personalised letters to companies. Today, SPH’s (Singapore Press Holding) news segment has expired. Instead, in its place, there are platforms online that connect employers and employees together, and assist major corporations in their executive search in Singapore.

Even with the development of technology and how far we have moved ahead in society, job hunting is a tiring and exhausting process for both the employer and the job seeker. Everyone has gone through the process of job seeking. Even university students have started to apply for internships during the summer break to gain work experience before graduating. The job market is more competitive than ever, with highly skilled young workers graduating and joining the workforce every year.

In one’s career, he or she will realise that using a talent acquisition firm in Singapore would be smarter than applying for positions individually. Though not often talked about, a headhunter is a crucial part of moving ahead of your career.

Finding the right position in the right company is no easy feat. So why not take all the help that you can get? Additionally, it doesn’t hurt to benefit from the array of connections of your headhunter, who is constantly on an executive search in Singapore and thus have formed many good relationships with big companies. Especially for foreigners unfamiliar with Singapore’s culture, preparing for interviews and impressive your interviewer can be difficult and stressful.

Therefore, we have summarised a guide to finding a trust talent acquisition firm in Singapore in Singapore. Here you go!

Headhunters Discussion


Find an Approachable and Personal talent acquisition firm in Singapore

This tip might sound odd – look for a talent acquisition firm in Singapore that is personable and approachable. Why would a talent acquisition firm in Singapore have to be approachable? How will that help me in my job hunting process?

Well, talent acquisition firms genuinely interested in learning about you as a person, as well as your career goals will match you to a company that has the best culture. For example, software engineers are highly intelligent and skilled workers. However, they are often misrepresented in the job hunting process. Most software engineers are not able to communicate across their specific interests (within the computer science field) and are therefore often miss out on amazing companies to work with.

A caring headhunter that has taken the time to get to know you personally, as well as your passions (e.g. learning about neural networks) will connect you with a start-up that may pay less, but provide a much more stimulating working environment that you challenge and motivate you mentally. Ultimately, a good talent acquisition firm in Singapore will match you with the company that has the best working environment for you.


Find a Talent Acquisition firm in Singapore with the Best Sales People

This might sound like another odd characteristic. However, its actually an extremely reasonable criteria.

A talent acquisition firm acts like your manager. A talent acquisition firm in Singapore will put you out to local employers, speak on your behalf and promote you to companies. Therefore, you should find a headhunter who is motivated to bat for you. Find a headhunter that has strong sales skills. Understanding your needs is one thing. But convincing others of your abilities, specific skillsets and personality is equally important.

A headhunter who is able to accurately represent you to employers will get you opportunities ahead of other headhunters. How would you like to lose your dream job to a less competent applicant because your talent acquisition firm wasn’t persuasive enough.

One way to find a talent acquisition firm in Singapore with the best sales people is to select an agency with industry expertise. For example, a talent acquisition firm in Singapore that specialises in helping applicants find positions in investment banks will have the right connections to giant investment banks such as Morgan Stanley. Furthermore, a talent acquisition firm in Singapore that specialises in investment banking recruitment would understand the industry insight out and highlight your specific strengths in Excel and interests in investing to decision makers at investment banks.

When you go for a job interview, your goal is to impress the interviewer. The same goes for your headhunter. You want to be behind a talent acquisition firm in Singapore with headhunters that impress. You want to be behind headhunters that understand the roles that they are recruiting for and the (unsaid) needs of the employer.

Talent acquisition firms that have cultivated strong relationships in respective specific industries will help prevent high turnover within applicants. If your Singapore talent acquisition firm has a high turnover rate, your headhunter might not be familiar with the process of recruitment. That also means that there is a higher probability of you getting ignored because of an ignorant representative. 


Resume Help

If possible, speak to the talent acquisition firm’s previous successes. Did the firm help previous applicants to brush up their resume?

A resume is an employer’s first impression of yourself. However, designing a resume is often ignored in universities. As a result, applicants fill their resume with useless personal details (though personal interests should also be stated). A good talent acquisition firm in Singapore will consist of experts that have analyzed and helped thousands with their cover letters and resume submissions. During the process of executive search in Singapore, these headhunters would have already identified your resume to be good enough, and will assist you in ensuring that it catches the eye of your future employers and wow them.

The Singapore talent acquisition firm should be able to help you put together a resume and cover letter that stands out and speaks directly to an employer’s needs. Some talent acquisition firms will revise your resume, offer free software training or coach you for interviews. Find out if such recruitment services exist, and is provided, before registering with a talent acquisition agency. If there are any services that you know you need, such as editing your resume, make sure that the talent acquisition firm in Singapore is willing to help.

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After this quick guide on finding a trusted talent acquisition firm in Singapore, you are now prepared in your mission to finding the best work environment for yourself. Look for a good talent acquisition firm in Singapore, such as Ren Ai Group, that is able to get you in front of great companies, respect the confidentiality of your CV and only send your details to companies with your permission. The process of executive search in Singapore is never-ending, and these agencies are always on the lookout for potential employees that can satisfy the needs of their client companies.

For more information, contact Ren Ai Group at +65 6493 2970. Our experienced headhunters will help you to find the perfect company to work with. Good luck!