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5 Reasons Why All University Graduates Should Use A Staffing Agency Singapore

It is a common myth that you are required to have a degree to get a job. Fact is, approximately nearly 53% of college graduates are unfortunately unemployed or working in a position that doesn’t even require a degree. Finding a perfect job is never easy. In fact, it is stressful and time-consuming. However, you do not have to do it alone anymore!

Have you ever considered using an Employment agency in Singapore? Are you facing difficulties in your job hunt?

It’s a common conception that recruitment agencies in Singapore are a waste of time. That is why it is no surprise that people hesitate to partner with an employment agency on their job search. However, in fact, employment agencies help employ millions of people each year.

According to the Singapore Staffing Association, 9 out of 10 will tell you that their agency helped make them more employable. With that said, below are 5 reasons why an employment agency in Singapore can help most university graduates ignite their careers by connecting them with a position that fits their unique skills and needs.


A wide range of employment

Why have to limit yourself to the usual searches? An employment agency in Singapore has connections and networks with clients, and specialize in talent acquisition. Headhunters in Singapore associated with an employment agency have connections with executives at multinational companies, and are therefore able to help candidates to find positions in various industries. 

By working with an employment agency, you are broadening your job prospects to a range of companies in that area. Because of their experience and connections, headhunters in Singapore can connect you with a position that matches your unique skills. 

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Employment can be flexible

Recruitment agencies in Singapore work to align applicants such as yourself with positions that are most suited to your experience, skill set and career goals. Therefore, a good headhunter in Singapore will be able to help you find a position that suits an criteria that you might have such as:

  • Looking for a part-time (instead of a full-time) position.
  • An office that is close to your home.
  • Industry that you would like to work in, such as retail, an office or an interactive environment.
  • Pay rates
  • Alternative working arrangements (eg. working from home)


A Staffing Agency in Singapore can help you get your foot in the door of a great company.

Most large companies such as MNCs seek the services of recruitment agencies in Singapore. Large companies choose to outsource their job recruitment to headhunters in Singapore because of the sea of talented applicants. This means that the headhunter in Singapore will be conducting all the initial screenings and interviews. As a result, companies in Singapore don’t have to go through hundreds, if not thousands, of resumes and interviews before finding the best candidate to fill the position. 

You will likely be facing stiff competition from other job seekers when applying for a full-time job position. Since companies are working with recruitment agencies in Singapore to find the best talent, there is a good chance they will trust their employment agency for their judgment and invite you for an interview! Your success rate of getting a job will be much higher with an employment agency in Singapore, as compared to applying on your own.

Furthermore, a staffing agency in Singapore often has access to jobs that are advertised internally or only within their networks, opening you up to exclusive opportunities.


Your Resume is in their database

Recruitment agencies in Singapore keep a huge database of applicants. This enables headhunters in Singapore to screen through and find the most suitable applicant easily. Because of their huge database, it is imperative to ensure that your resume stands out and is a great fit for the position you would apply for. 

How candidate searches work in the recruitment agency is that the headhunter in Singapore will enter in keywords from the job position identified by the company when they are searching for a potential contender. If your resume doesn’t contain the correct keywords (abilities, capabilities, work titles, and so forth), it would automatically be filtered out and will not show up in their inquiries. Therefore, it is important for you to alter your resume according to the job requirements you are applying for. Some agencies have a resume deposit for you to drop off your resume and they will do the job search on your behalf. 


You’ll have interview preparation and free consultation

A staffing agency in Singapore wants its candidates to succeed and be well-prepared for the potential job. They would know the client’s expectations best for the person their clients would like to hire.

A recruitment consultant can help job seekers position themselves better, as your bad performance can affect their reputation. Therefore, a staffing agency in Singapore can prepare the candidates for the interview, such as giving candidates solid interview advice such as what they should wear, do and prepare in order to create a strong first impression in front of the employer.

If the employment agency has prepared you well for the interview, you will have more confidence and thus have a higher chance of landing the job.


What Should I do Next?

Regardless of the industry you are looking to start a career in, job hunting is a tiring, difficult, and sometimes downright demotivating process. Using a staffing agency in Singapore can be a useful tool for all university graduates job search. An employment agency in Singapore acts as your representative. As a fresh graduate applying for your first job, you might not have the most illustrious background or relevant experience. However, a staffing agency in Singapore can provide you with more opportunities to land a job that suits your interests and skills.

If you are feeling demotivated after a string of failed interviews, don’t give up. Instead, join the ranks of thousands of Singaporean university graduates who landed a job through a staffing agency in Singapore. Looking to apply for an employment work visa or work visa? Contact our consultants at +65 6493 2970 for a free consultation.