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Tips on Applying with a Job Agency in Singapore

We don’t know about you, but for us, applying for a new job is often a hair-pulling process that induces a significant raise in our cortisol levels (hello, adult acne). Maybe you’ve just started and are already feeling discombobulated, or have been going at it for months now without any breakthroughs. 

We feel you. 

With Covid-19 obliterating countless industries, and rendering many of us unemployed, or worse, non- essential, we are glad that job agencies in Singapore are here to help- they could be just the key jobseekers people like us need to unlock worthwhile opportunities. If you’re considering applying for work through a Singapore job agency (and if you aren’t yet, you should), here are six quick tips that will help bring an end to those distressing midnight online job searches.


1. Time waits for no jobseeker

Job agencies in Singapore are constantly vying against their competitors to have their candidates considered and chosen by their clients, i.e your potential future boss. We can’t stress enough how crucial it is that you respond quickly to a Singapore job agency’s telephone call, email, or message. If they’ve called you to check up on some information or extra documents, give it to them like it’s a hot potato fresh out of the oven, and you don’t have gloves. 

Seriously, we cannot sufficiently repeat how many times candidates have squandered their chances by being slow to respond or worse, unreachable. Think about it- you’ve already spent all that effort sending a cover letter, and sifting through tons of unsuitable roles, so why drop the ball here?

Headhunter on Computer


2. Make your CV shout “pick me!”

Alright, for a headhunter in Singapore to even notice you, you have got to toot your own horn. Lady Gaga never got famous just singing in her bathroom, did she? Make sure your CV brands you as a bona fide candidate worth their time. 

Tailor your CV to best suit the role you’re applying for, make sure your work history and experience is consistent with the roles you desire, and spice it up- job agencies in Singapore pour through innumerable CVs a day, and it’s little wonder that boring CVs that are badly organised and presented won’t stand a chance. 

If you horribly flunk when it comes to graphic design, online tools like offer free templates that look readily chic and eye-catching. Oh, and this is so rudimentary we don’t even feel like we should say this, but we’ll do it slowly: Make. Sure. Your. Details. Are. Accurate. And. Updated (don’t forget LinkedIn!).


3. Know what you want, and don’t be “wishy-washy”

A headhunter in Singapore can be very persuasive. While an agent might sound very convincing, only proceed if the offer (the role and pay grade) are that of what you truly want. We know this sounds painfully obvious, but people sometimes tread forward even though they know they’re taking steps toward something they don’t want, just to feel like they’re making some sort of progress. 

Progress in the wrong way is bad progress, so avoid this at all costs- Your inconsistency and indecisiveness will frustrate your headhunter in Singapore, whom you want to maintain a good relationship with, and waste precious time and energy on both sides.


4. Never spend money (Warning!)

Some of us have had strange experiences with potential employers or job agencies who expect you to part with some of your hard-earned moolah in order to get hired. This is not only unreasonable, but unlawful, unless you’re in the media and entertainment industry, where you’re paying your Singapore job agency to promote and create a substantial portfolio for you (in short, work for you). 

Dishonest companies that make use of this trick don’t usually intend to help any of their candidates, and might even peddle too good to be true success stories in your face to convince you to pay them a small fee. We get that tough times such as these often get us desperate and slightly off kilter when it comes to common sense. If you’re ever faced with such a situation, just remember to ask yourself, “does it make sense in this case that I’m paying money to earn money?”


5. Gain valuable insights on the go

Are you making a career switch? Your Singapore job agency could give you valuable insight about the industry you are hoping to enter. Are you hoping to join a company that you’ve admired and trailed for a long time? 

Your headhunter in Singapore could give you honest insider’s input about the people you want to work with. You can also get value information about specific requirements that may not be listed obviously (or at all) in those job ads that you’re looking at online. And you might ask, honey, all this insight for what, really? 

Knowing these valuable things will help you stand out from your competitors when you display your depth of knowledge in your next prospective job interview, and help you understand the job market better so even if your prospective chances don’t work out, you’re better equipped to succeed. Utilise your Singapore job agency well.


6. Don’t be a duplicate candidate

It’s great connecting with multiple job agencies in Singapore, and we totally understand if you’d like to dip your fingers in more than one pot of honey. The more opportunities, the better, right? Well yes, but be mindful that you don’t end up having your name offered as a candidate twice, by different agents, for the same role. Working with job agencies in Singapore requires rapport and respect, just like any other relationship. Always be mindful, and keep a list of the roles that you’re currently a candidate for so you do not vex anyone in the process of trying your best.

There you go! If you’re ready to work with a job agency in Singapore but are still unsure about who to work with, check out our recent article “Top Ten Recruitment Agencies in Singapore” for real and honest reviews by other job seekers on the best recruitment agencies in the game. We wish you all the best with your job search, and hope that you manage to find that dream job you’re looking for.

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