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Should you seek the help of a recruitment agency in Singapore to find new talents? Does its benefits outweigh the cost you have to pay for outsourcing an employment agency?

Getting in touch with recruitment agencies Singapore is the newest course for hiring candidates in the island-state. A survey of employers in Singapore reveals that 9 out of 10 companies find it difficult to hire the most suitable candidates. 

This is not at all surprising considering the competitive job market in Singapore. With the swarm of locals, foreign workers, and expats sending their resumes over, it is understandable why many companies find recruitment tasking.


What is a Recruitment Agency?

Most entrepreneurs are familiar with the term “recruitment”. But what is a recruitment agency (exactly)? Is a requirement agency simply an outsourcing firm that helps you to find and recruit new staff? Couldn’t anyone do that?

Well, recruitment agencies in Singapore are highly specialised firms with experienced recruitment agencies in Singapore with many connections to the most sought after and experienced staff in any industry. The goal of a recruitment agency in Singapore is to match the most suitable and skilled candidate with the right company that suits his or her needs, in order to allow him or her to flourish within the company. 

A recruitment agency serves as a platform that mediates between your company and a prospective employee. It is different from your in-house HR Department as it is an outsourced recruitment agency that specialises in headhunting in Singapore. Think of it as a matchmaker for you and a candidate.

But why should you look for the best recruitment agency in Singapore if you plan on hiring a new addition to your company’s workforce? 

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5 Reasons to Find the Best Recruitment Agency Singapore

  1. In-depth market knowledge

Regardless of your industry, a good recruitment agency in Singapore has an exhaustive market knowledge to help you get the perfect hire. Because of their experience in recruiting candidates, headhunters in Singapore have updated information on your prospective hire’s desired compensation and working environment as well as other insights about the job market, such as shortage or surplus of job seekers. 

Likewise, headhunting firms in Singapore have a wide network where they can source the right talents for your vacancies. They are connected with several client organisations, job boards, talent pipelines, and even passive candidates who prove to be the most challenging but suitable talents.

  1. Time efficiency

The responsibilities of an in-house HR department, if you have any, extend beyond looking for new hires. Hence, you can’t expect them to search and screen through thousands of job seeker profiles. With the help of a good recruitment agency Singapore, you can lift this burden off the HR Department’s back. 

Recruitment agencies save time, money, and energy. Singapore headhunters will be the ones to sift through applications, personally screen candidates, contact the shortlisted ones, negotiate salaries, conduct follow-ups, verify qualifications, send feedback, and schedule interviews with you. 

Hence, even when you just need to look for a temporary hire to cover, for instance, maternity leave, a good recruitment agency can save you the time to source candidates. All you need to do is interview the candidate they will send you and evaluate if he/she passes your criteria. 

  1. Cost efficiency

Apart from saving time, getting a recruitment agency in Singapore will help you cut down costs. Most often than not, hiring through recruitment agencies comes with a guarantee. To illustrate, if a new hire is terminated or choose to terminate his/her contract before the agreed date, the recruitment agency will be responsible for finding a replacement for you at no charge. 

Plus, since most talents sourced by a headhunting firm in Singapore, they are thoroughly filtered and identified according to your job requirements are are usually employees who you can retain. Thus, you’ll not be wasting your time having them work for a few months only to see them leave after you have invested money in their onboarding and training. Also, you will not be pressured to create a separate team in your HR Department to look for recruits. 

Your in-house team can then focus on improving the working relationships in the company and ensuring employees’ wellness, which can enhance productivity and job satisfaction of your current employees.


  1. Assurance

Having a headhunting firm in Singapore look for talents for you is a sure way of getting the right candidate for the job. As mentioned above, recruitment agencies have an extensive people and company network allowing them to do proper prospecting. Singapore headhunters understand the best practices in the hiring process, thereby, successfully enticing even the most difficult to contact but highly skilled professionals. 

Similarly, candidates get the assurance that they are sourced by a respectable company. It can give them a boost having been recognised as potential talent for a company that employs the services of a professional recruitment agencies in Singapore. 

As a matter of fact, majority of Singaporean job seekers connect with an employment agency as they search for jobs recognising the fact that they’ll get better chances to work for a reputable company when sourced by a headhunter in Singapore.


  1. Branding

There are many competitive talents out there. Candidates accept a job offer not just because of high compensation or work-life balance. Prospective employees also look at the type of company they will be working in. 

Of course, everyone wants to work with an organisation that they can tell other people about. A good recruitment agency in Singapore makes sure your company gets great branding so talents will be interested to accept your job offer. 

Recruitment agencies in Singapore do this by helping you better understand your company branding from your organisational point of view, so that when they approach a candidate, they can easily sell what your company does and why it is a good company to work at.

The job of recruitment agencies Singapore is definitely not an easy task — not for you or even for your in-house HR Department. Hiring the best talents for your company takes a lot of time, effort, and money, but it must not be done in a hurried way as it can spell the overall success of your organisation. No one would want to hire an employee who lacks the skill set required for a position or someone who has a different perspective on the organisation’s vision. 


Find a Recruitment Agency Singapore to Help Your Business Scale

Finding a good headhunter in Singapore allows you to avoid such fate. With a recruitment agency’s in-depth market knowledge, your company can get the assurance of employing the best talents in Singapore, help elevate your company branding, and save cost and time.

So, should you seek the help of a recruitment agency in Singapore to find new talents? Do its benefits outweigh the cost you have to pay for outsourcing an employment agency? You got two big yeses!

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