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3 Things You Don’t Know About Headhunting Firm Singapore

The year 2020 started with discouraging news of a pandemic, the COVID-19, hitting the world. The economic consequences of this pandemic and the impending recession forced many companies to halt their recruitment processes.  Seven months into the crisis, the job market is slowly opening up, bringing much relief to many job seekers. 

However, getting a job continues to be an uphill battle. Job hunting can be physically and emotionally draining, especially if you have already gone through some unsuccessful interviews. Not hearing back from the employers can make you feel stressed and anxious. It is a tough time for a headhunter in Singapore too. 

Finding an ideal candidate from an overwhelming number of applications is a tough task, especially when they are facing a pressing need to recruit the right candidate. This is where recruitment agencies in Singapore enter the scene. WLP Group is one fo the top recruitment headhunting firms in Singapore. Aside from headhunting, we also provide Singapore work permit renewal services and help expats to apply for Singapore employment passes.

They help both candidates and companies to find the best fit. So, in the current situation, it is only wise to approach a recruitment agency in Singapore to solve your problem. Before heading out to search for an agency, read the three things you didn’t know about headhunting firms in Singapore.


#1 Most Headhunting Firm Singapore Offer Extended Services

Headhunting firms in Singapore try hard to strike a balance between the expectations of the employers and job seekers. While helping the employers to find the best candidate for a job opening, they offer extended services to help job seekers to secure their dream job. While some of these services are free, some of them come with a subscription fee or packaged with a paid membership programme. 

These services range from resume writing to free skills training, career growth programmes and so on. So, subscribing to the services of a recruitment agency in Singapore comes with additional advantages than just finding job openings. For example, headhunters are constantly in the process of executive search in Singapore, hence they can connect companies with qualified candidates, and also offer extra services to job seekers such as interview training.


# 2 Headhunting Firms in Singapore Do Not Read Every Resume They Get

It is a myth that headhunting firms in Singapore study your resume carefully to decide if it matches an opening. A recruitment agency in Singapore deals with thousands of resumes, and it is humanly impossible to vet through each of them. 

On average, a headhunter in Singapore spends only five to fifteen seconds on a resume. The focus areas are the last employer, latest job title and education. So, how do they shortlist resumes for a job opening? 

They look for the keywords in a job description and consider only those resumes that have the keywords. Headhunting firms in Singapore might not know what it takes to define an ideal candidate for a given role. They compare the requirements with the candidates’ skills and experiences to decide a good match. 

Many recruiters use an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to shortlist the candidates. The ATS software scans all the resumes pooled for a specific job role to match the keywords. This means if your resume does not have the keywords, it may fail to meet the eligibility criteria even if the requirement matches your skills and experience. 

So, when a headhunter in Singapore contacts you, make sure you reply with a customised resume. Well, that does not mean you make up things. Rephrase the sentences in your resume to include the keywords in the job description. 

There are free online keyword finders that help you spot the keywords in a job description. Alternatively, you may read the job description and note down the important words.

For candidates holding higher positions in their previous companies, usually a headhunter would contact you and offer higher positions that they have found. During the process of executive search in Singapore, they would be familiar with what these companies require in a candidate, hence they can provide you with good advice on how to best arrange and present your resume to them to improve your odds of being hired.


#3 Less Than 1 % of Job Applicants Get Selected

Headhunting firms cannot work magic. Statistics show that only less than 1% of the total number of candidates a recruiter speaks to get selected for a job. So, most of the headhunting firms in Singapore focus on the volume game. They try speaking to as many candidates as possible and be more selective about shortlisting. Singapore is one of the most densely populated countries in the world, and hence you need to be highly competitive to win the competition. 

Constantly upskilling yourself helps you have an edge in this insanely competitive job market. Also, consider multiple agencies to ensure that you do not miss out on a good opening. Headhunters in Singapore are highly selective of the candidates as the quality of resumes they shortlist for a job plays an important role in strengthening their continued association with a company. In addition, executive search in Singapore is a tedious and time-consuming process, hence for higher positions, do not expect to constantly receive offers from companies. Once you see a role you’re interested in, grab the opportunity, and apply for it!


Things to Bear in Mind While Approaching a Recruitment Agency in Singapore

Headhunting and career counselling are two different things. Some recruiters prefer spending time learning more about the job role and understanding the requirements beyond the job description to help candidates in finding job roles that fit their skills and experiences. 

However, most of them do not have the luxury of time to do that. Also, they won’t be able to handhold you and guide you through the reasons for not getting selected for a job role or the areas you need to work on to improve your chances of getting hired. If you feel you need such guidance, you may have to hire a career guide.  

The types of extended services vary from one agency to the other. So, speak with them to ensure that they offer all those services that you want to subscribe to. Also, be clear about the subscription charges for these services or if all services come as a package with different membership plans. 

It would be better to find industry-specific agencies. For instance, some agencies focus on banking and finance. They might have extended services that could help you hone your industry-specific skills or acquire new skills.


So what can I do next?

Finding the right recruitment agency in Singapore is the first step towards finding a good job. Do thorough research before you decide on an agency. If you could find more than one agency and speak to a headhunter in Singapore, that is even better. It is important to keep track of the jobs you apply through the agencies.

Therefore, registering with two or three headhunting firms in Singapore should be good enough to start. Make sure that you update your resume and touch base with the recruiter regularly, and have a chat with the agency on the current market trends. Some firms may only have entry-level positions available, while more professional firms are conducting an executive search in Singapore to search for the best candidates for higher managerial positions. Be sure to check with the firm what they specialise in. If you are looking to apply for a work visa or employment work visa, contact Ren Ai Group for a free consultation.

We wish you all the best with your job hunt!