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3 things to look for in a good executive search firm in Singapore 

Today’s job market is more diverse and challenging than ever. The market is experiencing rapid changes and uncertainty. As such, companies and executives from around the world are turning to agencies offering executive recruitment in Singapore to find amazing careers or talent to lead their company through change. Finding talent is integral to the success of a company – a failed leader can result in poor performance financially, brand damage and irreparable changes to the company culture and level of employee engagement. 

Using an executive search firm in Singapore will improve the success of the company while simultaneously securing the confidence of shareholders and protecting the integrity of the Organization. Agencies offering executive recruitment in Singapore can be used to find new talent, build succession plans and help overcome an aging workforce within your company. In addition, these agencies know how to get you the best candidate for the job. Also, if you are an expat, look for an executive search firm in Singapore that will be able to help you to attain a Singapore employment visa

As an executive, finding a good executive search firm in Singapore will ensure you land the fulfilling career you deserve. They will find you the right company and the right role to match your skillset, saving you both time and money.  As an executive, time is everything! 


Why do I need an executive recruitment agency in Singapore?

Whichever side of the coin you are on, there are certain things to look for when sourcing a good agency offering executive recruitment in Singapore. Failure to evaluate these 3 factors can result in financial loss as a company, and poor career opportunities as an executive. 

On the company side, signing an unqualified search firm can result in poor talent pools, improperly screened executives, and wasted time and money. As an executive, failing to bear in mind these 3 factors will result in time wasted sifting through unqualified job offerings, dead-end interviews, and potentially, damage to your own reputation in your field. As you can see, it is essential to do your research and look for these 3 things when choosing an executive recruitment agency in Singapore. 


1. Does the executive search firm have industry-specific knowledge about executive recruitment in Singapore?

Asking this question will give you a good idea as to whether the recruitment agency is the right fit for you. A good executive search firm in Singapore should have industry-specific knowledge in your field. Having functional knowledge of the roles, responsibilities, and industry itself will ensure the recruiter is able to target the skills required for any role and will then be better suited to provide talented candidates to lead your organization. Alternatively, consider if the executive recruitment agency you intend on hiring is familiar with your location? While so much of what we do is now online and can be done remotely, it is still an important factor to consider. 

A good executive recruiter will know the job market in your area and can respond accordingly, finding you better-suited career opportunities as an executive, and better-suited candidates as a company. During their process of executive search in Singapore, they would have a comprehensive understanding of what companies in a specific industry are searching for in an employee, and can thus connect the company to a qualified candidate.


2. Reputation and credibility of the executive search firm

Considering the reputation of the agency assisting with your executive recruitment in Singapore is crucial. A good recruitment agency in Singapore will have a proven track record of success. Both companies and executives should ask for referrals, and information such as completion rate, retention rate, and success stories. The firm should have a track record of recruiting qualified candidates for similar positions with you or other industry-related companies.  Some executive search firms will have a strong online presence – you should evaluate all aspects of their website, LinkedIn page, and other social media accounts – read reviews, comments, and consider all the details before you even make a call. 

If you are still unsure about the credibility of the agency, feel free to contact them and enquire about their process of executive search in Singapore and success rate. A good agency can provide you with an outline of how they connect employers with employees, and provide some successful clients who have worked with them in the past.


3. Transparency and clear, timely communication

Before you sign an agreement with an executive search firm in Singapore, you should be able to meet with the specific consultant that will be working with you. Executive firms can have dozens of consultants that work for them. Like any Organization, these consultants will have varying experience levels, personalities, and communication styles. 

If the agency is non-committal and will only assign the consultant after you sign the agreement – move on. A high-quality executive recruitment agency will always communicate clearly, promptly and transparently. If you have to dig for information, answers, or wait days for an email back, it is likely a sign of what is to come. A good search firm will be quick to respond to all communication. They will arrange for an in-person meeting for the consultant best suited to your profile, and they will always give you all the information you need up front. 


Benefits of employing an executive search firm in Singapore

As an executive, working with a search firm will ensure you are receiving sound advice throughout the interview and recruitment process. The consultant will ensure to qualify Companies and positions before bringing them forward to you.  A great agency will have a substantial network that attracts top companies and talent from around the world.  

You will find the entire process is streamlined – candidates and companies are thoroughly researched in advance. Thorough background checks are performed, personality assessments, job history and performance data is reviewed. Any candidate that finally does walk in for an interview will likely be a great candidate for the role. 

 Risk reduction is an important component for both the company and the executive. As a company, a good executive search firm in Singapore can ensure you are minimizing the potential risk of hiring the wrong person. As an executive, a good search firm can ensure you are only changing careers for a better position or opportunity than where you’re currently sitting. The whole process of executive search in Singapore is conducted stringently by the agency in order to ensure that unsuitable employees are not matched with their client companies.


In Summary

If you are a company looking to hire experienced, talented executives,  a search firm may be the route to go. A good agency assisting with your executive recruitment process in Singapore will listen to your wants and needs, know the industry and job market of your area, and will understand the qualities you are looking for in an executive. 

The reality is, not all search firms are great at what they do. You will have many different firms to choose from, and that’s why it is essential to properly evaluate your firm and find the one most suitable to you and your industry.  Without a doubt, there is an amazing firm out there for you and your company. Executive search in Singapore is difficult and time-consuming, but employing an agency can greatly streamline the process and improve the odds of your company hiring a suitable employee.

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