Executive headhunters in Singapore

Guide to finding a trusted executive headhunter in Singapore

A trusted executive headhunter is a very important part of any job seeker journey. This is especially so in a competitive job market like Singapore. An executive headhunter in Singapore helps you to get connected with potential employers. The more you network, the greater the chance of you landing your dream position. Job seekers are always looking for the best way of finding that perfect job. There are many executive headhunters and job agencies in Singapore. However, the problem many face is not knowing where to start. After all, there aren’t any university classes to “finding a job”.

This article will help you find a trusted recruitment agency in Singapore. The first part is a summary of what an employment agency is, how it works, and why employment agencies are important. It also gives some background on Singapore’s employment agencies. The second part covers the different types of executive headhunters in Singapore, as well as how they operate.

This guide also covers the various types and sizes of executive headhunter agencies that exist across Singapore. This includes small and large executive headhunter agencies. A good executive headhunter in Singapore will help you with the major aspects of job searching. For example, a good executive headhunter will teach you to write a good resume, answer questions in an interview, and to prepare for any tests that you may have to complete.

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A good executive headhunter will guide you through the employment law and history of Singapore

A good executive headhunter will be able to answer any questions that you have regarding Singapore’s employment law and history. The Government of Singapore has introduced the Employment Agencies (Agencies) (Amendment) Act, 2016 (the Act). 

The Act was introduced to address a number of issues that have arisen in relation to employment agencies. The Act was also introduced to address their role as intermediaries between employers and employees. This includes providing greater protection for employees against unfair dismissal or other forms of workplace discrimination, such as sexual harassment and gender discrimination. 

The Employment Act also provides for the establishment of an Employment Tribunal. An Employment Tribunal is a court of law that hears complaints of employment discrimination and other employment-related matters. Under the Act employers are required to provide employees with information about their rights and obligations under employment law, including information on how to file a complaint. 

Employers are also prohibited from discriminating against employees on the basis of their race, colour, sex (including pregnancy) and religion. In addition, employers are prohibited from discriminating against marital status, age, disability, national or ethnic origin, sexual orientation, gender identity or political opinion. Employees are also allowed membership of trade unions or other voluntary organization. 

They must ensure that complaints made by an employee regarding unfair treatment will be dealt with fairly and impartially. Failure to comply may lead to sanctions being imposed upon the employer. You could ask an executive headhunter in Singapore for help if you are facing any difficulties in your work place.

In addition, action will be taken if there is evidence that an employer has discriminated against or harassed an employee. It can be taken into account in determining whether the employee should receive compensation from the employer. The Equal Pay Act sets out the minimum wage, overtime pay, rest breaks, and annual leave entitlements for women and men in the workplace. It also requires employers to make reasonable adjustments to their work practices to ensure equal pay for equal work. Employers must give workers notice before making any changes or extending hours beyond normal working hours. 

They may not require employees to take unpaid time off without just cause, nor can they force them into involuntary part-time employment. In addition, employers must provide an employee with the opportunity to discuss their employment situation with a human resources representative. When engaging a headhunter to conduct an executive search in Singapore to find your future employer, you can be assured that you will be complying with all the regulations under Singapore’s law.


A good executive headhunter in Singapore will guide you in writing your resume

Writing a good resume is a major aspect of job searching. However, not many know how to write a good one. A well-known school is important. However, structuring your resume and providing an easy-to-read first impression is arguably more significant in catching an executive headhunter’s eye.

What is a resume? 

A resume is an overview of what you have done over your career. It can be very helpful when applying for jobs, especially if you’re not sure about where you’ll end up after graduation. The standard resume varies depending on industries. However, if you have been working in an industry for a while, you are likely to know a lot more about how it people in the industry work better than someone who’s just starting out. Therefore, it is important to find a good executive headhunter in Singapore with connections with professionals within your target industry.

Resumes vary depending on the industry. For example, writing a resume for a software engineering position would be very different from writing a resume for a marketing position. There are many different ways to get hired as a developer by companies all over the world. Some will hire you directly from your resume, whereas some companies may ask for your StackOverflow or Github page to view your projects. In technical skill required field such as software engineering, the ability to do a project, and knowledge in a certain programming language is more important than the courses you studied or school you went to.

What to look for in a resume (and what not to look)

How long have you worked in this field? Have you worked with clients? Have you worked with a specific type of client? If so, how did it go?  An important part of resumes is knowing when to simplify points and when to elaborate on your work experiences. It is important not to oversimplify critical details. 

The actual resume writing process

Resume writing process isn’t really that complicated. However, it is still important for people looking for positions in their field to know exactly what goes into them before making an investment. 

When you apply for a position with your current company, there are two things going on, first is “What’s my role? The second question to ask is: why am I applying? Why do they want me to be here and what does it pay like? What problems will I be tasked to solve? Will I get paid well enough for my time and will I be learning interesting things? Will I be working with intelligent people that I can learn from?

Identify specific industry technical skills to mention on your resume

The third thing to ask is: what do they want from me as an applicant? What skills would be useful in their company?

For example, take a company that wants someone great in marketing or sales, who does not have to be necessarily greater in customer service or product development. It is pivotal for you identify this fact and make sure that your experience in digital marketing is clearly stated in your resume. Show that you have the necessary skills such as Adwords marketing or copywriting to create engaging marketing campaigns.

Most importantly, a good resume should be easy-to-read

Professional resumes are meant to be read by people in the same field as you. Most importantly, they should be well written, so that they can be easily understood by the hiring manager and the executive headhunter in Singapore. They should also be easy to understand by others in your field. If you are not the best at writing, ask your executive headhunter for help. Have him or her help to draft your resume and talk about your skills and work experience. In their process of executive search in Singapore, they will surely be well-versed in the needs and requirements of specific employers, and can tailor your resume accordingly.



After writing a good resume, what’s next? Before going on a job portal like Indeed, ask yourself what the best use of your time would be. Wouldn’t you rather be working on improving your industry-specific skills or improving your specialisation? For example, accountants can easily retrain by attending an accounting courses or watching free Youtube videos.

Relying on an employment agency to do an executive search in Singapore is your best bet to save time and effort. Find a new position easily with the aid of executive headhunters in Singapore. In addition, Ren Ai Group offers services related to employment visa and work pass application. Call us today at +65 6493 2970.